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23. septembra, 2019



23. septembra, 2019



Dear Madam/Sir

Considering all the compliments from the Green Destinations president Mr. Albert Salman and according to the UN estimates for 2017, what you can admire in these photos is the cleanest country in the world. It is Slovenia, the country from which the American First Lady is coming from.

Situated in the heart of Europe beside the Adriatic Sea, it is the land of crystal clear waters, forests, mountains and fresh air as well as healthy local food, superior quality wines, cultural and historical heritage and most of all: the people here are kind, generous and almost all of them speak English fluently.

Herewith we would like to invite you to visit the country in our 3 week special recovery and anti-stress program.

Many people who could not solve their health problems at home or elsewhere, have solved them here. And how is this possible if, as we all know, that your country has the advanced technology in medical science? Technology is not everything.

Our team works on preventative healthcare and in Slovenia we have perfect conditions for conducting such programs. After a short flight to Ljubljana or Zagreb, our team will pick you up at the airport and you will have time to rest – but only on the first day.

The next morning we will measure your immune system and conduct a short interview to identify some potentially dangerous risks to your health.

And what will you do on weekends and in your free time? Well, we will visit astonishing places like Lake Bled and the town Ptuj here on the pictures. 

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